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Château Suduiraut


Grand Vin Blanc Sec

    • Château Suduiraut PUR SÉMILLON Grand Vin Blanc Sec is made from our prestigious Premier Cru Classé terroir of Sauternes.
      This wine is produced from a small parcel planted with Semillon vines, on average 55 years old, specifically identified depending on the vintage to reveal the best of this typical grape variety of Sauternes.
      It offers aromas of fruit and white flowers, with great elegance and smoothness on the palate.

    • Blend

      100% Semillon

    • Ageing

      30% in new barrels
      70% from barrels of one vintage, for 9 months

    • Composition

      Alcohol content: 13° - Total acidity: 3.54

    • Vintage conditions

      The autumn and winter of 2019-2020 were very wet. Total rainfall reached 519 mm in March, more than half the annual average. It was accompanied by mild temperatures, leading to bud break more than two weeks earlier than usual. This advance persisted, even with significantly cooler weather at the end of the month and a frosty day on 27th March.
      The rest of the season remained fairly mild and rainy, requiring increased vigilance against mildew.
      Flowering, although early, took place in unsettled weather, causing coulure. The impact was very irregular, varying according to the terroir, how early the plot developed, and the age of the vines.
      Fine weather returned in July, with conditions becoming very dry, and above all very hot. The water reserves enabled the vines to withstand the successive heat waves, and a little rain in mid-August brought the ripening of the grapes back on track.
      The ripening process drew to a close about ten days ahead of schedule under very favourable weather conditions: hot days and cool nights, which preserved the range of aromas.

      This 2020 vintage was perfectly adapted to this grape variety, we selected one specific plot of 61 years old. Its gravelly soil, quite dense, allowed a slow but regular ripening. It resulted in medium-sized clusters with small berries predicting great concentration.
      These Semillon grapes, nicely golden and riped, were harvested on 2nd September in crates.
      In total, it took only 7 days to harvest the grapes for our dry white wines; the 2020 harvest was the fastest and earliest in the last 15 years.

      Bottling date: May 17th 2021

    • Tasting note

      A beautiful bright yellow colour, this wine has an open nose with notes of beeswax, cereals and roast hazelnuts as well as a very delicate floral character. On aeration, hints of wild mint, citron and marshmallow emerge, rounding off this fresh and appealing combination. The palate is smooth and coated with citrus, offering great subtlety and elegance. The wonderfully long finish with smoky aromas of cumin enhances flavours with hints of bergamot and pepper.
      This wine has an unusual profile but it is a perfect example of balance between terroir and grape variety. It is already very pleasant and will continue to develop well over the next 5 years.

      Pierre Montégut, Technical Director, September 2022

Château Suduiraut PUR SÉMILLON - Grand Vin Blanc Sec