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The movie of Château Suduiraut

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    • Château Suduiraut, classed as a Premier Cru in 1855, is made from grapes selected from the finest terroirs of the property.
      This wine is hand crafted at every stage of its elaboration and reveals remarkable finesse and complexity and a golden colour reminiscent of the sun that made it possible. With age the bright gold evolves to a dark amber colour. With an extensive life-span, it powerfully and harmoniously combines fruit and floral aromas with roasted and candied notes.

    • Blend

      100% Semillon

    • Ageing

      50% in new barrels,
      50% from barrels of one vintage, for 16 to 20 months, according to the evolution of the wine

    • Composition

      Alcohol content: 14°
      Total acidity: 4.5
      Residual sugar: 138 g/l

    • Vintage conditions

      The winter was rainy and mild, with the last days of March relatively warm. The growth cycle of the vine started early.
      In early April, a long and severe cold spell affected the vineyard, especially on 7th and 8th April with sub-zero temperatures. Frost damage was very serious: apart from a few plots that were spared, in others the damage caused 30 to 100% losses depending on location. Heavy rains in May and June caused a virulent outbreak of mildew, with some new losses. July and August were fairly dry, but cool overall, and veraison took place on 10th August, as in 2019.
      Late August and early September were more in line with usual conditions, and were
      conducive to good ripening, while maintaining high acidity.

      Rains and frequent fog in the last ten days of September provided the right conditions for Botrytis to start developing. The harvest of our Sauternes wines took place between 1st and 27th October with a total of 3 selective pickings, in favourable weather. The second picking started on 8th October, during which the majority of the
      botrytised grapes, of excellent quality, were harvested.
      The yield was unfortunately extremely low for the Sauternes (1 hectolitre per hectare), and 4 hectolitres per hectare in total for the whole vineyard.

      The 2021 is of the finest quality, though we were only able to produce extremely small quantities as we were struck by severe frosts in the spring.
      The wines are very promising. 2021 has a lovely fruit like 2016 and a high acidity like 2007 or 2001, very harmonious, with great length and elegance.

    • Tasting note

      Château Suduiraut 2021 has a beautiful golden colour and an intense nose, marked by fresh, candied citrus fruit. Notes of ageing, such as grilled hazelnut and vanilla, complete the picture in an elegant way.
      The palate is unctuous, with good body and plenty of tension. There are flavours of candied citrus fruit, yellow peach and sweet spices.
      The finish is long, peppery and fruity, sustained by a lovely freshness.
      This is a fresh, classic Botrytis style, with great purity and elegance.

      Pierre Montégut, Technical Director, October 2023
      Bottling date: June 20th 2023

Château Suduiraut