Suduiraut wines

The choice of grape varieties

The proportion of each grape variety used determines the wines’ unique profile. 90% of the Suduiraut vineyard is planted with Sémillon vines and 10% with Sauvignon.

Sémillon is a traditional variety of the region. When it is infected with noble rot it has an ample structure on the palate and gives the wine great mellowness and unctuosity. Wines produced with Sémillon grapes are remarkably aromatic: they evoke honeyed fragrances, grilled nuts (almond, hazelnut), acacia blossom, fig, dried fruit and candied citrus. 

Sauvignon blanc has very characteristic aromas: citrus, white peach… When vinified as a liquoreux, or dessert wine, it adds a touch of acidity to the blend, bringing freshness and aromatic complexity.