The Golden Wine

We asked the leading Chinese sculptor Jiao Xingtao to create an artistic impression of our sweet wine, through a sculpture named “The Golden Wine.

The reason for choosing art as a form of expression for Château Suduiraut seemed logical to us. There is a careful and much-appreciated art to creating Sauternes. Both the vigneron and the artist have to trust and respect the natural elements surrounding them and masterfully manage these to create an exceptional wine or a unique work of art.

In the light of this, the choice of Chinese artist Jiao Xingtao was obvious. He is renowned for his modern sculptures that explore the phenomenon of packaged desire, inspiring society to imagine what lies beyond the surface.

With this partnership, we are celebrating the meeting point of Chinese and French cultures through art and wine. More specifically, we are conveying the personality, exceptional quality and artisanal characteristics of the wine Château Suduiraut.