Suduiraut’s Team

Christian Seely

Christian Seely, the estate’s Managing Director since 2000: “Suduiraut is one of the great vineyards of the world, capable of producing wines of extraordinary purity, finesse and intensity. There is something magical about this place and its wines that we all recognise here, and I believe that the entire team is united by a sense of the privilege and responsibility that we have in looking after this great estate, and in having the opportunity to pursue the dream each year of making the greatest wine of which Suduiraut is capable in the circumstances of the vintage.”

Pierre Montégut

Pierre Montégut, the estate’s Technical Director since 2004, reigns supreme over the vineyard and cellar. His definition of his job is “to attend to the smallest details in order to reveal the magic that results from associating Suduiraut’s unique terroir with noble rot”.

Caroline Gendry

Cellar Master since 2001, Caroline highlights the specific characteristics of the grapes from each day’s harvest like a master craftsman, and blends them with extreme care to produce some of the best wines in the world.

  Patrick DOUCET

Vineyard Manager since 2016, Patrick is the winegrower responsible for producing the grapes. His role consists of harvesting the botrytised grapes at just the right moment; the quintessence is then sent on to Caroline.


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