Tasting rituals

The art of sensory revelation

An open sensory approach is essential to fully enjoy the complexity of Sauternes wines.
Certain rituals which are the legacy of a long winemaking tradition can reveal a wine’s character and leave you with a warm and luminous impression that is both revitalising and comforting. Here is some advice that will increase your enjoyment of these wines.

How to serve and savour

Sauternes must be served chilled but not ice-cold (around 8-9°C and up to 14°C for the older Sauternes). Its luminous beauty and aromatic richness are even more evident after being decanted, as this lets the wine breathe and enhances its fragrance. To enjoy the experience to the full: observe the wine’s changing colours in the light, swirl it in the glass to help it breathe and then inhale the aromas two or three times to discover the full range of fragrances. Take a small sip and “roll” it on the tongue while drawing in air which will take on the wine’s aromas, then “chew” it to appraise its structure.