Experiment with some surprising matches

Discover some suggestions by Pierre Montégut, Suduiraut’s Technical Director, who is passionate about matching fine wine with haute cuisine.

Starters: dry-cured ham, rillettes, pan-fried fresh foie gras (with figs or apricots…).

Poultry: roast turkey with morel mushrooms, duck with peaches or orange, roast poultry, curried chicken.

Shellfish: lobster with ginger, prawns in Thai sauce.

Cheeses: Roquefort, Fourme d’Ambert, Chaource, ripe pressed cooked cheeses (Comté, Beaufort, Ossau-Iraty, etc.).

Desserts: tarte Tatin, apricot tart, apple pie, walnut cake, almond financier, cannelés bordelais, fresh or caramelised pineapple, marinated oranges, stir-fried cherries in syrup.

Contrary to received wisdom, Sauternes is a wine that can be enjoyed in many different ways: either with a meal as an ideal accompaniment for a wide variety of dishes, as a flavourful aperitif or as an immensely subtle liqueur.

In the past it was considered to be principally a dessert wine, then an indispensable partner to foie gras. But in fact its structure and smoothness make it an ideal match for a wide variety of dishes: seafood, white meat, ethnic cuisine with mild spices (saffron, ginger) and also cheeses.

The style of Suduiraut wines can be paired with very varied cuisines according to the wine's age, such as gourmet, traditional, seafood or Chinese, by offsetting its light and spicy flavours against them.