A commitment to excellence

A perfect combination of grape varieties

The Suduiraut estate’s vines are planted in soil that is superbly suited to Sémillon and Sauvignon grapes. Sémillon, which represents 90% of the Suduiraut vineyard’s vine population, is the preferred variety for Sauternes wine as its very thin skin is particularly sensitive to the Botrytis Cinerea that gives rise to noble rot, giving the wine its concentrated sweetness and aromas. This is rounded off with a richly aromatic combination of 9% of Sauvignon blanc and 1% of Sauvignon.

Uncompromising standards

High vine density (7,000 vines per hectare) and the high average age of vines (30 years) are important factors in the final quality of the wines. Environmentally responsible winegrowing methods and low yields (lower than 15 hectolitres per hectare) ensure the wine’s exceptional quality. A strict selection of the best botrytised bunches during harvest means that Château Suduiraut is made only from the very best that the vineyard has to offer.